PS4 is one of the best gaming consoles right now, millions of gamers have an experience like no other as PS4 is has a ton of exclusive features which are worth buying. If you still in a dilemma to buy pS4 or not do worry, we will make it easier for you.

PS4 exclusives are getting bigger and better

Sony is still on the top of the game due to its new launch PS4 as it includes exclusive games such as The last of us, uncharted 4, horizon zero dawn and many others. The other factor that makes it more appealing is the fact that some of the biggest PS4 exclusives are coming out in the year 2019, such as marvel’s spider-man. God of war, blood and truth, dreams, concrete genie and many more.

The PS5 release is nowhere near 2019

If you are skipping on buying PS4 to wait for a PS5 release date, it is just too long a wait. The PS5 release is nowhere near 2019 and from the looks of it even 2020. If you wait for the launch of PS5, you will just be missing out other games that PS4 has to offer. But if you are still not sure a PS4 Black Friday 2019 deals will help by going easy on your pocket.

PS4 offers loads of free games

If you want to play PS4 games online and get more out of the subscription, well! Buy a ps4 as it not only allows you access free games but also the games you claim once, you can keep forever. Also, every month, excellent games are offered on an hourly basis.

If you have a friend who has a PS4 you need one too

If you enjoy playing games like Madden, Fifa, Battlefield and Call of duty you require friends and PS4 has some exclusives which you can enjoy playing more with your friends on PS4. The more friends you have, the more exciting the game becomes. So, get your very own PS4 console and forget about missing out on new launches.

Buy if you want a PlayStation VR

VR is not a future anymore, but a reality and PS4 is making it comes true as PlayStation allows you to easily connect to a VR plugs which gives more control as you see the game and play the game in the virtual environment. Some games which provide you with the best VR experience in PS4 include Resident Evil 7, Doom, Farpoint, Until Dawn: Rush of blood, Job simulator, etc. you can also experience classics like never before.

You can PS4 on Windows, Mac and Vita

You can stream your PS4 on Vita, Mac, Windows which allows you to buy games and play them even when your internet is not stable. It is someone else playing games on the main tv you can also access them with apps.


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