Device Plus

Device plus appeared! Games and videos are also crispy! Plus PS Vita plus!
If you have docomo’s smartphone or mobile phone , communication can be used without stress anywhere at 300 yen per month (tax excluded)

If you are using other than DoCoMo’s mobile phone, you can use the prepaid data plan

A packet of smartphone or mobile phone can be used at 300 yen / month (tax excluded) . Combined with docomo’s mopera U simple (200 yen · tax excluded) , only 500 yen per month (excluding tax)
You can not contract with Device Plus alone. It is conditional to use in conjunction with “Kakehodai Plan” and “Data Plan”.
Customers using Device Plus can share the data amount without paying the share option fee.
The contract is done only at docomo Shop. Please visit our docomo Shop.
Device Plus is not available except for the PlayStation® Vita 3G / Wi-Fi model or the device specified by Docomo.
In addition to the basic charge 300 yen, ISP fee such as mopera U simple plan will be charged separately.
To use mopera U Simple, please set APN to “”.
It is not possible to change the plan from “prepaid data plan” and “flat rate data plan” to “device plus”.
Please note that a high price will be applied when using Docomo UIM card under “Device Plus” subscription other than “Device Plus” target terminal.
If you use DevicePlus as representative line as a data plan, you need to sign a share pack. It can not be used with data pack.

Customers using other contracts or other company’s lines, please make a new contract or use the prepaid data plan.