Things You Should Know About Smart Manufacturing


Companies and firms have been following Smart Manufacturing for a long time. This has shown significant changes in the sector, as organizations which do not have this technology tends to fall back in time. So what exactly is Smart Manufacturing? Well, here we bring you things which you need to know about Smart Manufacturing.

1. Introduction

Smart Manufacturing is a simple set of procedures which can be implemented in the production process over a period of time. It consists of a set of technologies and strategies which need to be implemented to be termed as ‘Smart Manufacturing’. People also term these strategies as enablers as they enable the value of production. Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Cyber Security are some of the most commonly found facilitators utilized by firms and organizations through time. Firms and organizations try to procure these enablers by increasing their margin of profit, and so on.

2. The Importance of Data

The Smart Manufacturing Platform | Freedom gives a lot of importance towards data, as it is one of the primary sources of information. This method of manufacturing tries to exploit data to the maximum as it instructs and tells us all about the various tasks and strategies. One of the most critical steps which every organization needs to take in this regard is Cyber Security. We live in a day and age where hackers seem to be accomplishing a lot through time as they go on encroaching and creating value for your data. Hence you need a suitable system of security in place which protects your data at any cost.

3. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Industrial Internet of Things is just like the Internet of Things. Instead of a confined space here, we are dealing with an industry. So every equipment in the industry is fitted with a sensor which helps in the generation of data throughout the organization. These sensors provide you with relevant information which can be analyzed to study the process of production and rectify errors as it occurs. This opens the door for efficiency as companies keep a track on the process.

4. The Future of AI

Artificial Intelligence has been doing the news for a long time now. Firms and organizations which realized the importance of AI have gone ahead to implement it, as they understand the changes it can cause during the process of production. AI can be considered as the epitome of Smart Manufacturing as it enhances efficiency and quality. That being said, there are also numerous debates which talk about the disadvantages of AI. A significant opinion in this regard is how AI reduces human intervention to a large extent, which causes problems of unemployment. Hence as we consider Smart Manufacturing, we must always realize that there are two sides to every coin.


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